360 Assessments

360 (multirater) systems have the potential to provide organizations with valid, insightful, and reliable information on leadership behavior that is critical to individual, team and organizational performance. As experts in assessment, measurement, surveys, coaching and leadership development, Corporate Insights can create or adapt a 360 process that reflects the unique needs of your company.

Uses of 360 Feedback

Abraham Maslow said, “If all you have is a hammer, then every problem is a nail”. At Corporate Insights we not only use those assessments that are common in the industry but also assessments are proprietary, assessments that we have researched and have tied their results directly to performance. In other words, we have all the tools necessary to tailor our approach to your company to most effectively identify and solve your selection problem. Corporate Insights can create or adapt a 360 process that creates valid information that is appropriate to use for multiple purposes, including those shown on the diagram below.
 As shown in this figure, we believe almost all uses of 360 data result in some decision being made that affects the individual and the use of organization resources. That requires that your 360 processes generate data that leads to the right decisions.

Uses for 360/Multirater Feedback

360 for Leadership Development and Training

Using 360 data for leadership development has been the most common purpose historically. In fact, it is extremely rare for any 360 process not to have a development purpose. As noted above, this is nonetheless a very important investment for both the leader and the organization. We will ensure that your organization’s 360 process has the maximum benefit based on reliable data with relevant development options that can be realistically implemented.

360 Coaching

As organizations make 360 processes available to larger segments of their leader population, there is an increasing need to guide the leaders and their managers on how to interpret, accept, and apply the information. Corporate Insights has coaches who specialize in this unique form of coaching that can be done in person and/or by phone. (See “When Coaches Go Too Far” in our Resources section.)

360 Assessments for Decision Making (Succession, Staffing, Hi Potentials, Performance Management)

Done correctly, 360 data can provide information that is more fair and valid than traditional (single-source) evaluations, such as supervisory ratings. This data can supplement other sources, such as personality assessments, qualitative (interview) data, performance data, etc., to provide a robust profile of a leader that can significantly improve the ability to assess current performance and/or future performance.

Leveraging Your 360 Process

360 for Organizational Development and Culture Change

Many organizations are realizing the potential for system-wide 360 processes to create significant change that can create a competitive advantage. We believe that the culture of an organization is defined by the behavior of its leaders and the behavior they tolerate. We also endorse the position that a valid 360 process is one that creates sustainable change in behaviors valued by the organization. While challenging to do correctly, Corporate Insights has considerable experience in implementing 360 processes that can truly change an organization.

360 Technologies

Corporate Insights provides the administrative systems required to produce accurate, user friendly feedback information. We also have multiple formats for collecting feedback that are designed to overcome some of the challenges in collecting honest, accurate ratings from coworkers.