Dave Popple, President & Founder

Dave Popple, President & Founder

Before he founded Psynet Group, many got to know Dave from his several years as president and Corporate Psychologist for Corporate Insights Global. There, Dave developed many of the leading edge assessment tools, which he has continued to refine and hone. For example, he developed the F-CARS, a measure of workplace personality based on Five Factor Personality Theory. Unlike most competing assessments, Dave used factorial analysis and integrated self deception and impression management scales to get a truer picture of the assessment taker. He has developed cognitive measures that reflect abstract reasoning, critical and strategic thinking, and business analytics. Each of these assessment predict work performance measures and performance appraisal scores.

Because the assessments and the assessment process shows measurable results, Dave has emphasized the need to focus on clients’ return on investment when they use Psynet Group consulting services. Dave has been able to show returns ranging from 10 to 25 times the cost of their services. Clients have remarked how unusual it is for a trained psychologist to care so much about measurable results, suggesting that Dave “thinks out of both sides of his brain”. It is clear that Dave is able to do the soft skills like training, coaching, change management, and leadership development and hard skills like test development, statistical analysis, and business analysis equally well.

Dave tells the story that his interest in corporate consulting came while watching a Monday night football game with a friend, the Vice President of Information Technology for a mid-sized North Dallas Company. His friend began sharing his work team frustrations and Dave diagrammed what he was hearing, using ketchup bottles, salt shakers, and sugar packets. The insights from that night led to a two-year consulting contract. He continues to use visual and experiential techniques to help company build brilliant teams with bright people.

Although an avid student of psychology as it applies to business, Dave credits his prior experiences for teaching him the most about leadership and talent management. Dave worked with youth and families; developed an inner-city tutoring and outreach program that served 1500 children and 500 volunteers annually; created an outreach program for gay and lesbian teens; developed the trauma treatment program for female prison inmates; and provided a variety of psychological services to unique populations. All of these things sprung out of a 20 year commitment he made to making a difference at age 20.

When not working, Dave consults for reality TV shows, runs marathons, works on his boat, follows the Green Bay Packers, and travels. He is married to Dr. Jody Popple and together they live with their two dogs in their homes in New York and Nevada.