Jens Erik Ringenson

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Jens Erik Ringenson is the Managing Director of Psynet Group Europe based in Copenhagen Denmark. Jens Erik is a specialist in top management and board assignments for international clients across a wide range of sectors. He helps organizations assess the effectiveness and improve the performance of their senior management and boards, and develop and implement strategies in the areas of leadership development, and talent pool management. He is also the architect behind a number of strategic and operational alignment programs.

Recent and on-going client assignments

Jens Erik is currently leading the Psynet Group efforts for a number of companies owned by a Swedish conglomerate, an international insurance company, and an industrial company with plants in 25 countries. He is on the boards of two companies owned by an investment company to ensure strategic alignment post-acquisition. In addition, he recently advised a German company in selecting its top leaders in Nordic countries.

Previous Experience

Earlier in his career, Jens Erik spent 11 years in IT and Communications positions at Microsoft, Ericsson and TBWA. Jens Erik has an MBA in operations and information management from Wharton and has worked internationally and lived abroad for 12 years.