Sitting around our NY office, the Psynet Group team was working on a concise and measurable definition of a leader for the core of our executive leadership assessment. When we came up with “A leader can develop a strategic plan; execute against that plan; and inspire others to execute their role in the plan,” we…. Read More

The PHACT is a measure of cognitive ability that was developed by Dr. Dave Popple and Dr. Jon Horwitz while leading more than 40 Critical Thinking Workshops all over the world. The examples are generated from their observations of participants thinking abilities. The test took two years to develop so there are really no short…. Read More

Job Posting are increasingly adding critical thinking as a required competency. Recently I have seen several postings similar to the following: Requirements: 3 to 5 years experience Strong interpersonal and communication skills Excellent analytical and decision-making abilities Ability to manage multiple tasks to completion within established deadlines Detail oriented So how do companies realistically measure…. Read More

Ted Garrison Interviews Dr. Dave Popple, Ph.D. on how to build the right team, listen to the interview.

I have often said that I do not want Psynet Group to be the biggest but would like to be the best. My sense was that you could not be the best and be the biggest at the same time. This belief was supported every time I ate at a chain restaurant. I had the…. Read More

Ted Garrison with Dave Popple, PhD recorded Memory is the enemy of thinking and when someone comes in and doesn’t know your business they are able to ask the questions you thought you already knew the answers to,” reports Dave Popple, Ph.D. Listen to the interview to learn how to increase your insights and how…. Read More