Our Services

We work best when we are brought in to gather and organize facts, generate alternative solutions, and implement those solutions. This process may be applied to all of the following services.

Attrition Reduction

For some companies turnover costs can be crippling. Often they apply best practices to their hiring processes or add an assessment package with little to no improvement. We consider attrition rates as a symptom of a deeper problem and work to uncover that problem and then attack the issue at its source.

“Our 90 day turnover dropped from 52% to 34% following the engagement by adding an assessment package, training our hiring managers to use the results in an interview and giving a realistic job preview the first day of training. if the trend continues, we will save well over 1 million dollars this year” Regional HR Executive, Hospitality

Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies spend more than $2 trillion on acquisitions every year. Yet study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90%. We believe the failure rate is related, in part, to the inability to accurately assess human capital. Its no longer enough to say that history predicts future performance in light of the research. The merger or acquisition creates a completely different environment and that change impacts each employee’s performance. We have the ability to tell you:

  • Who should stay
  • Who is unlikely to succeed
  • Who should stay and receive training to close competency gaps
  • Who should stay but needs to be motivated

Once the deal is complete, we can advise on ways to merge cultures, onboard new executives, and facilitate integration of the remaining employees.

“It was humbling but we had completely misread _____ management team. Even when we went against advice and kept someone, it was a costly mistake” Investment Capital Executive

Performance Improvement

What happens when a division consistently falls behind expectations? When seemingly smart people cannot deliver on quotas? When a handful of employees are delivering 80 percent of the results. Identifying why teams that look good on paper cannot seem to deliver can be one of the most difficult challenges an executive may face. We know all of the reasons for under performance and have the tools to pinpoint them in any organization.

“For three years running I was embarrassed at our annual meeting when the numbers for each region were announced. Each year I became more and more conservative in my projections yet each year we fell short. Dr. Popple assessed our team and showed me that my staff was hired to run a much smaller operation and that our growth was too much for them. My reaction was to ask for more reports, but the extra work reduced their productivity even more…”Manufacturing CEO.