How We Work with Teams and Individuals

For Teams

Team Building

We work with teams to create cohesion around a vision and a mission. Our team charts show potential synergies and conflicts. These are processed by the team during the session.

Better Thinking Workshops (Critical Thinking, Innovation, and Strategic Thinking)

Our workshops start with theory and skill-building and end with applying the new abilities to current work situations.

High Potential Leadership Program (12-18 months)

By combining group learning experiences, coaching, projects, and mentor circles, partcipants accelerate their ability to take on greater leadership responsibilities.

Internal Coaching Development

We develop coaching skills within organizational leaders who then apply those skills in coaching their direct reports and others within the organization.

Manager and Supervisor Skills

Using highly experiential techniques, we develop basic managerial and supervisory skills within participants.

Presentation and Communication Skills

Applying psychology to reduce presentation anxiety and experience working in TV, we help participants learn to deliver their message effectively and in a way that holds their audiences’ attention. In special cases we will team with a Hollywood producer to further enhance the experience.

Conflict Resolution within Teams

Informed by group psychology theory, our consultants get to the heart of the conflict and help members resolve differences quickly.

For Individuals

Coaching for Succession Planning

We work with high potential employees to prepare them for the next stage in their career.

Coaching for Problem Resolution

We work with effective employees who may have one or two issues that keep them from performing at their best.

Expertise Consulting

We are available to leverage our extensive background and experience to lead HR teams as they resolve specific issues with C-level executives.