PHACT Test for Critical Thinking

The PHACT is a measure of cognitive ability that was developed by Dr. Dave Popple and Dr. Jon Horwitz while leading more than 40 Critical Thinking Workshops all over the world. The examples are generated from their observations of participants thinking abilities. The test took two years to develop so there are really no short cuts to doing well.

PHACT Critical Thinking Skills

The best way to prepare for the assessment is to clear plenty of time, although the test should take 40 minutes or less, set aside 60 minutes to keep you from worrying about the time. Make sure your environment is free of distractions, and read all of the questions carefully.

The assessment itself is made up of 89 questions and measures your skills in thinking, reasoning, and intelligence. What you can expect are questions that measure your ability to understand:

  • A strong versus weak argument
  • Relevant versus irrelevant data
  • Whether or not the conclusion follows from the data given
  • Whether or not there is sufficient information to make a conclusion
  • What assumptions were made
  • Is the argument based on assumptions, inferences, and emotions or fact based

These are not attributes for which you can study. However, with practice and training you can improve these skills significantly.   So, save your time searching the web for the answers.  They aren’t there.  Spend your time making sure you are focused, rested, and engaged when you take the assessment.  That preparation will be the best use of your time.

Good luck!

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