Our Top Four Solutions

Talent Planning

We often wonder how much money is spent in salaries for employees who cannot or will not contribute to the success of their company. We can answer that question for our clients by:

  • Reviewing organization structures in light of business strategy and business demands
  • Understanding which employees and positions are essential to business success and continuity
  • Developing talent acquisition plans, succession plans, and “Star Quality” talent pools


“She has great book smarts but no common sense in dealing with people” or “ He is street smart in the way he deals with people, I guess that makes up for his lack of education.” It seems like we live in a world where most people are strong intellectually but poor in emotional intelligence or vice versa. But what if someone was strong in both areas? What if they were able to understand what makes people tick at a deep level and then translate that into numbers in a profound but simple way.

It is that unique dual skill set that led to the development of our most predictive instruments. Developed by Dr. David Popple of Psynet Group, our assessments are rooted in well trusted theories and questions rather than assumptions. Our assessments will also capture unique insights around how those being assessed will add value and fit into your business. Our assessments are unique and readily customizable if required

Sales Team Building and Individual Development

Do your salespeople know how to get into their own heads as well as those of their prospects? We understand the neuroprocesses that people go through to truly change and we apply that in the design and execution of our customized programs:

  • We reframe the sales process to overcome the five internal obstacles to closing the sale
  • Pre-work that includes a proprietary assessment to determine natural styles and preferences and around which we create a customized learning program
  • Two days of experiential learning, including proprietary exercises
  • A sales management guide to aid in follow-up coaching after the completion of the workshop

Your sales people achieve their potential and your company achieves its sales and business development goals:

  • We combine our expertise in neuroscience with your understanding of your business to develop experiences, tools, and techniques that can be put into practice right away
  • Participants gain a deep understanding of their prospects’ thought processes –as well as what is going on in their own brains that keeps them from being more successful
  • Sales managers receive insights to help tailor follow-up coaching and reinforcement of skills and techniques

Talent Adoption

Transitions can be challenging to navigate for both the new recruit and the company. The new employee needs a roadmap of how to take charge. The company needs a means of grounding the new hire in the culture and maximizing their investment in newly acquired human capital. We call this the Talent Adoption Process. We will increase 90 day retention and decrease ramp-up time by taking you through the following steps;

  • Pre-Entry: Preparing for the candidate to arrive
  • Orientation: Transferring knowledge about the role and the company culture
  • Engagement: Integrating the candidate into the company culture
  • Check-in: Ascertaining progress and identifying obstacles
  • Wins: Assure the candidate experiences success early
  • Time-out: Setting aside time for the employee to recover from “culture shock” and changes
  • Drive: Encouraging the candidate to excel
  • Integration: Upgrade the candidate from rookie to fully functioning employee