Our Guarantee

Psynet Group Solutions are guaranteed to deliver a return on our clients investment or we will work for free unto it does. We realize this is a bold promise but our confidence arises from three sources:

  1. Time: Psynet Group’s roots go back to 1969 when Dr. Jim Gillespie pioneered the use of psychology to deliver business results. Our current chairman, Craig Dinsell, has held a C-Level human resource position for more than 30 years while serving three institutions. Our President, Dr. Dave Popple started his first consulting psychology firm (Systems Human Enrichment Consulting) in 1997.
  2. Science: Science is about validity, not hunch, hope or anecdote. Validity is all about believability, in other words, evidence. We work by gathering and analyzing data to create compelling logic and evidence, thus helping you to make the best informed decisions. With a scientific understanding of people and organizations and the ability to translate that understanding into numbers and data, we provide solutions that can be relied upon.
  3. Proof: In the majority of engagements, we analyze pre and post solution metrics to be certain that our approach worked. We are expert on attaching financial value to the changes we help deliver.