Three Phases of a Solution

In our Strategic Thinking course, we lead participants through a process we call FACE ME. In that course we teach participants how to gather and analyze data, generate alternative solutions, choose the most effective solution, execute the solution, and measure the results. It is this same approach we use to guide our clients. The sample chart below shows the process we use to solve high attrition rates. Note that we treat attrition as a symptom and not a problem.

Facts: Gathering and Interpreting Data

  • Gather data and analyze
  • Review job competencies and content
  • Review recruitment process
  • Survey climate
  • Review rewards and compensation

Alternatives: Choosing Potential Solutions

  • Compare analysis to business demand
  • Compare analysis to organizational structure
  • Compare analysis to talent pool data
  • Compare current practices to best practices
  • Innovate and combine solutions

Execution: Deploying the Right Solution

  • Build recruiter capabilities
  • Build manager skills
  • Initiate testing and evaluation
  • Provide realistic job preview
  • Create on-boarding process with development plan

Followed by Measurement